We offer a wide variety of lawn care services for Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC residents and business owners. From lawn weed control to lawn and ornamental fertilization, our team of professionals understands what it takes to keep your lawn green and healthy.

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Leaf Removal

If you are looking for sheet cleaning services, let us help. Lawn Love is one of the
highest-rated leaf removal services. By making sure your property is clean and ready for the upcoming season, you want to not only enhance your property’s curb appeal but also ensure the health of your lawns and plants. For all your property cleaning needs, Garcia Brothers Landscaping LLC is here to help!


Do you need bobcat services? Look no further, Garcia Brothers Landscaping LLC is your best option. Our Bobcat services complement our landscaping services. Bobcat Residential and Commercial Services We provide Bobcat service to homeowners, commercial business owners, and more.

Trimming Bushes

Trimming bush improves the overall appearance of the garden and can even help
improve the health of your plants. Proper and regular care of hedges and shrubs is vital to ensure that their growth and the respective flowers remain full, healthy, strong, and attractive.


Mulch is an easy and cost-effective way to improve your home’s landscaping. Used
primarily in flower beds, mulch can make your home more attractive and improve the health of your soil and plants. There are many different types and colors of mulch, which means this project allows you to get creative with your outdoor home décor.


Whether you’ve planted the trees yourself or take pride in the beauty and shade they provide, it’s important to know that your entire landscape needs to be proactively cared for by a professional, a friend. A friend who is eager to preserve + enhance the natural beauty of his property, so he doesn’t get stuck.


Garcia Brothers Landscaping LLC will provide individualized flower bed care specific to your residential property or commercial business. Your green space will be sculpted in your unique garden according to your preferences.

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Power Washing

Our equipment uses a commercial and household pressure washing surface cleaner
that ensures a consistent cleaning that effectively removes dirt, debris, mold, and
more. We pride ourselves on leaving every job looking flawless whether we’re washing a deck, a house, a driveway, or anything else, we’re not satisfied until you are.

Concrete Work

Garcia Brothers Landscaping LLC adds value to your home with beautiful, adorable
concrete surfaces and features. We do it very well. Not all are equally qualified to
install and repair concrete. For results, you can trust, choose Garcia Brothers
Landscaping LLC for your commercial or residential concrete services. No job is too
small for us.


Over time, your drains require servicing to remove build-up and clean hardened
deposits that have built up. Instead of trying to clean up the debris or get rid of the
corrosion yourself, contact our professionals at Garcia Brothers Landscaping LLC for a quality drain cleaning.

Brick Patios

One of our specialties is brick patio repair and installation. In our
In current economic times, brick patio repair is becoming increasingly common. Brick patio repair is a specialized service that should be left to the most experienced professionals. Brick patio repair is a specialty for a few reasons, but primarily because of the knowledge required to identify the cause of the failure and design the best possible repair method.


By spreading improved seed varieties, you are introducing new grass plants. New grass varieties are better able to withstand drought, disease, and insect pressures that improve the quality of your grass over time.


Our company offers some of the best lawn services in the area ranging from
installation, delivery, maintenance, and help and advice to help you choose your lawn and care for it properly. What we do goes far beyond just supplying grass, we can also install it and make sure it stays beautiful throughout the seasons.

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We study and evaluate the available space, meeting with you face to face to
understand your needs and unique choices, ideas, and goals. Our team is a dedicated follower of best business practices, and we never overpromise or overcommit but we meet our clients’ expectations, we stay within budget, schedule, design, or choice of materials.


We believe that all customers can enjoy the benefits of quality fencing and that the enjoyment is amplified by first-class customer service. we install quality fence
products. These products have been carefully selected and rigorously tested to perform in some of the harshest climates, for fence installation Garcia Brothers Landscaping LLC is your best option.

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Interior and Exterior Painting

Adding a new coat of paint to the exterior or interior of your home can make a dramatic difference when completed by our experienced team. Whether you just want to spruce up an exterior that looks worn or you want to renovate the rooms within your home, our residential painting service will provide the highest quality results for your home improvement project.

About Us

García Brothers Landscaping LLC was founded more than ten years ago, guided by passion, creativity, and the desire to always serve and give the best of ourselves for our clients in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. that can testify to our commitment to listen to our customers and provide them with a personalized service
that exceeds the most demanding expectations.

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